“If you don't know where you are going, every road will get you nowhere.” - Henry Kissinger


The term ‘road to’ is commonly used to describe a process or means that results in achieving an end goal, for example ‘Road to recovery’, ‘Road to employment’, ‘Road to happiness’ ‘Road to truth.’

Unless extremely focused, most people when travelling along their particular ‘road to’ will encounter obstacles, challenges and decisions for which they require help and guidance, but have no support network in place to provide it.

Frog is a new cloud platform that ‘signposts’ the people, organisations and communities that can provide the support, encouragement and advice needed by individuals to help them successfully navigate their personal journeys.

Derived from the rhyming slang for "road" – frog and toad – Frog connects users on the right road, at every stage of their journey, with shared experiences and solutions within a local defined community.

Frog’s principle aim is to prevent ill health and promote good health from an asset-based approach, giving people the knowledge and ability to manage their own lives effectively.

In addition to signposting the help, support and activities available to people locally, Frog also connects them to local jobs, volunteering opportunities, events, businesses and local attractions – making it the UK’s one stop local shop!

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