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The value of sports participation by individuals extends far beyond enjoyment for local authorities and communities. Data suggests that physical inactivity accounts for 1.5-3.0% of total direct healthcare costs.

In the UK it is estimated that only 30% of the population are active enough for their health, with regular physical activity reducing the risk of many chronic conditions such type 2 diabetes whilst increasing mental health and well-being.

The greatest benefit to the health of our nation is derived when an inactive citizen takes up some form of exercise.

One major barrier to a person achieving this is the difficulty of determining what sporting activities and facilities are available to them locally.

Frog enables sports bodies, clubs and groups to list their activities on the Hyperlocal platform to ensure visibility for people searching for local activities and also signposts to local facilities available.


  • Member acquisition channel
  • Data insights into demand vs supply
  • Visibility of activities within community
  • Attract volunteers
  • Signpost events, matches, training sessions etc.
  • Connect and engage at point of interest
  • Cost effective – option of fully managed service
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