Is Kermit going to be avoiding the Frog Quarters anytime soon? He should be safe for now.

However, we do have a whole new sales team.

Frog has expanded even further with 10 full-time sales staff joining us in the office. It is an exciting opportunity for us at frog to start selling listings on our website to businesses across Glasgow. As mentioned before, the platform allows you, the public, to be able to advertise their businesses in one reliable place. To aid us in selling our listings, we have found a chatty bunch to do just that!

Our new Sales manager Chris has been speaking about his new team and what he hopes to achieve. He has also state his excitement to start selling listings to local businesses He talks about what our sales team hope to achieve in the next few weeks. “It’s really just about trying to incorporate ourselves in Glasgow and getting the name frog out there”. Chris has also said there is a lot to be done. This is to be able to gain the trust of local businesses.

We also have an additional 4 sales team members starting in the middle of October. This along with plans for the sales team to expand to a total number of 20 within the coming months.

At Frog, what makes us different from other business listing websites is the amount of customization that can be made within the listing like adding categories, photos, social media links, a full 1500-character business description as well as allowing businesses to upload documents that are apart of the business for example brochures, menus, posters etc. Businesses can easily updated their listings when needed and as option as they would like What’s more, A full listing bought is also able to add unlimited events on our “what’s on” page for free.

Frog also offers the option to create the listing for you. This is an option for businesses who do not have the time to make a listing. Phoning our customer services line directly or using the online chat services on the website can mean one of our team can create your listing for you.
Listings made also allows it to be personal whilst also including relevant information in an easy to use format.

We are free for charity and third sector organisations and we are very excited to be branching into sales to be able to give every orgainsation a platform to advertise!
To check out the different listings and prices frog offers please head over to our main page

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