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About Frog Systems

Information sheet detailing aims, objectives and features of Frog.
Add Listing User Guide

A simple step by step guide, including top tips, to help you add your organisation to Frog.
Add a What’s On Listing User Guide

A simple step by step guide, including top tips, to help you add your event or series of events to Frog.
My first year clean and sober By Cal Dunan

Cal, the founder of Frog has experienced his own journey of recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism and his book ‘My First Year Clean and Sober’ shares all the recovery tools that anyone can use to change.
A Parenting Toolbox By Gregory H. Wlodarski

This book presents issues of personality and character development that underly the parenting strategies presented.
Autism Goes to School - Book One in the School Daze Series By Sharon A. Mitchell

After suddenly receiving custody of his five year old son, Ben must learn how to be a dad to a child with autism.
Autism Guide By Joseph Barber, MD, FAAP

This guide aims to help those exposed to autism directly or indirectly to understand what it means to be autistic and how we can and must provide educational, social, behavioural and wellness services to every individual with an autism spectrum disorder.
Breaking the Addiction: How to Quit Smoking By Marlow Doyle

Quitting is easier than you think. It's not the smoking you like; it's the nicotine drug you are addicted to that is fooling you.
Child Abuse: Effects, Consequences and Rehabilitation By Max Klein

Essential reading for any parent who wants to protect their child's soul, or for those suffering from physical or psychological abuse.
Confident Kids By Katrina Kahler

Confident Kids will give you practical strategies for shaping and improving your child's outlook and mindset.
Eye of the Storm: The Silent Grief of Miscarriage by Rachel McGrath

"There is no heartbeat . . . " Those four words will stay with me forever. This is my heartfelt, open story - my grief, my pain and my hope for a new tomorrow.
Fighting Cancer By R. A. Bloch Cancer Foundation

Written by Richard Bloch, co-founder of H&R Block who was diagnosed in 1978 with lung cancer and given 90 days to live.
Get Fit For Your Pregnancy: Control Excess Body Fat, Fit & Firm After Your Birth, Strengthen Muscles, Easier Labor, Quick Recovery, Prevent Injuries By Andy Charalambous

To help women stay fit and healthy during and after their pregnancy.
Getting Free - My Journey to Freedom from a Thirty-year Addiction to Pornography By T.S. Christensen

I was addicted to pornography for thirty years. At thirty-seven, I was experiencing such emotional, psychological, and spiritual pain as a result of the addiction that I frequently wanted to kill myself.
Guide for Cancer Supporters By R. A. Bloch Cancer Foundation

When cancer is diagnosed, it is not only the person diagnosed who experiences concerns about the future - but also the relatives and friends.
Holistic Healing for Addiction: Enlivening Body, Mind and Spirit to Remedy Depression, Anxiety and Self Hate By JessicaRae Pulver-Adell

Holistic Healing for Addiction: Enlivening Body, Mind and Spirit to Remedy Depression, Anxiety and Self-Hate is a hands-on guide to combat addiction and its roots.
Learning Difficulties: Auditory Processing Disorder By Marlize Schmidt

Are you worried about your child? Does your child often ask to repeat what you said? Does your child have difficulty following orders or not responding when you ask them a question?
Parenting Guide by Joseph Barber, MD, FAAP

Do you want your child to feel safe, secure and loved? Do you want your child to have the opportunity to see, hear and feel the world?
Parents STOP Be Aware Of Your Child Taking Drugs By Pat Ritter

Many parents have little idea of the drugs being taken by their children. This is information for parents to understand what type of drugs there are in society.
Pocket Pregnancy Guide to What to Do When Pregnant By Melinda Delisle

An overview of steps you can take to feel better during pregnancy, reduce your risk of complications, have a more enjoyable birth, and give your baby the best possible start you can.
Stress Management 4 Teens By Yvonne Brooks

Stress Management 4 Teens addresses the seriousness of Teen Stress.
Teenagers of the 21st Century. Stories of Parents By Fernando Otero

Teenagers of the 21st Century. Stories of Parents. Adolescence is a stage of growth for teenagers and a stage of creativity and patience for parents.
The Negative Impacts of Divorce on Children By Grace Yip

Have you ever thought of divorcing, or are you at the brink of divorcing right now?
The Ultimate Recovery Maintenance Checklist By Paul Wolanin

Diagnose, fine tune, and repair your recovery with this simple but effective checklist.



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