On the road to Frog…

One Man’s Personal Journey

Frog’ story started when our founder Cal, who having experienced his own recovery journey from drug and alcohol addiction, was determined that every UK citizen should have easy access to the local support networks that he and his family needed but found difficult to find.

Cal was lucky to find the much-needed information which saved his life but others have not been so fortunate so he has made it his mission to introduce a national system which signposts UK citizens to a choice of local services and support solutions within a couple of clicks, not pages and pages of disparate general advice and information – much of it white noise and irrelevant.

He envisaged Frog, and a chance meeting with social entrepreneur and founder of Capita, Sir Rod Aldridge, who immediately recognised the need and benefit of one national system, led to the financial support required for the development of the platform.

One thing that Cal believed was essential was the sharing of experiences visually. He therefore envisaged the Champions Cinema. The Champions Cinema provides an online platform for Champion Citizens to share their stories, experiences, tips, skills and knowledge to help others in 60 second sound bites. Real advice from real people.

Developed in partnership with lead innovator Stirling Council, Frog entered beta phase in April 2018 with phased roll out later that summer.

For one man Frog is the start of a new journey…

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