Why Reinvent the Wheel?


Frog’s principle aim is to help people lead long, safe, happy and healthy lives by preventing ill health and promoting good health and vibrant communities from an asset-based approach giving people the knowledge and power to manage their own lives effectively.

Frog brings together service providers that deliver health, wellbeing and social care solutions, it also signposts local communities to local businesses, groups, activities and visitor attractions creating a central portal for everyone’s benefit.

Rather than create a localised platform built from the ground up, with all the issues of up to date information and end user engagement – why not consider shared technology and expertise?

Frog was developed in partnership with Stirling Local Authority with use by other UK Local Authorities in mind. The platform is already prepopulated with every UK LA area.


Self-Directed Support

Frog has been specifically designed to underpin Self Directed Support. Citizens can self- select the local service providers within your area who provide the services and support that they require.


Asset Based Approach

Every community contains a wide variety of support and special interest groups – but they remain largely invisible to most of the local population. Frog signposts end users to the activities happening on their doorsteps.



Local Authorities can create, manage and curate their own customised Care & Support area of Frog.


Low Cost

Access to Frog’s secure, cloud-based platform is via a single annual license fee - no capital, no ongoing maintenance.


Contact Us now to discover how your local authority can benefit from Frog.

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