About Frog Systems

Connecting Communities Across the UK...

Frog Systems has developed the first cloud based social platform that signposts & connects UK citizens to the support, care, services and activities that are currently available in their communities.

Frog is the Go To one stop shop for every community in the UK seeking reliable, relevant local information and is designed to promote the services that we all require to lead long, safe, happy and healthy lives.

The sharing economy, also known as the collaborative economy, is not a common concept to many people. But it, and the online platforms that facilitate it, are building momentum rapidly and are being used for all sorts of day-to-day activities.

The conversation about local search is not a new one. On the basis of components, traditionally hyperlocal services market can be segmented into food ordering, grocery ordering, home utility services marketplaces and logistics service providers. To date, there has not been a serious attempt to address health, social care and wellbeing services at the local level.

Frog Systems believes that Frog is the first UK platform to bring communities together.

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