This week from the 19th -25th November 2018 is Alcohol Awareness week.

This important campaign is launched every year by Alcohol concern. A UK based national charity working to help reduce the problems that can be caused by alcohol.

As of 2017, Alcohol concern has merged with Alcohol research UK and together they now form the UK’s leading independent alcohol charity.

This year’s theme is “change.”

Change is necessary regarding the drinking culture we live in.

Change is possible. No matter a person’s age or how long alcohol as played a role in their lives. Everyone is capable of change and no one should be left without support and guidance.

Change is happening. A World Health Organisation (WHO) report published in September 26, Adolescent alcohol-related behaviour: trends and inequalities in the WHO European Region, 2002-2014reveals that since 2002 weekly drinking among 15-year-olds in Scotland has declined from 41 per cent to 11 per cent in girls and from 41 per cent to 14 per cent among boys.

Why support Alcohol Awareness Week?

Here are just a few Scottish statistics that show why we should be aware of our alcohol consumption and how lowering our alcohol consumption could benefit the lives of everyone in Scotland.

  • 1 in 15 of the deaths for the whole of Scotland were caused by alcohol. (57,327, 2015)
  • There were 36,235 alcohol-related hospital stays in 2016/17.
  • Around half of Scots did not know the number of units in a pint of beer, measure of spirits or a glass of wine.
  • Men drink an average of 16.4 units of alcohol a week, and women drink an average of 8.6 units a week.
  • In over two fifths (42%) of violent crime, the victim said the offender was under the influence of alcohol
  • Over four in ten (44%) non-drinkers perceived that others think they are odd for not drinking.

Alternatives to drinking

The important thing to note is that, lowing your alcohol intake doesn’t mean that you can’t be socialising with friends and family.

Alcohol- free options, such as, “mocktails” are becoming very popular in many bars and restaurants across the country as well as planning activities for socialising at the weekend without alcohol e.g. sober nightclubs, pub quizzes, pizza nights, movie night etc.

Buzzfeed have wrote a fabulous article on party games you should play

Exercise is another extremely effective stress reliever, which is often the reason for drinking excessive amounts. Grab a gym buddy and try out a new activity such as rock climbing, swimming, yoga, Pilates, boxing, running and cycling groups etc.

Getting Help

There are many places to find help such as:

  • GP
  • Family and friends
  • Alcoholics anonymous
  • Scottish Recovery Consortium
  • Alcohol Focus Scotland
  • Scottish Families affected by Drugs & Alcohol
  • Addaction
  • Alcohol concern


The only thing you need to do this week is look at your own alcohol consumption and ask yourself is this within the limits?

Finally, Frog and Frog Systems was created to provide easy access to information and where to find support for a range of conditions. This very much includes problems alcohol has caused. Both from individuals and family and friends.

You can find more about us on our website Frog Systems, our social media @frogdotnet and our official site for all your local information

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