Making visible the invisible – Helping people find the health and well being information at the point of need.

Data Discovery

Effective data discovery and the surfacing of timely accurate results is key to the success of any self management model.

Data produced by the ONS (Office for National Statistics) in 2018 showed that people searching for health-related information has more than doubled in ten years! It is now the fourth most common task on the internet in UK.

With online search costing a fraction of personal intervention – be it phone or face to face – now might be the time to consider utilising proven search techniques to better signpost citizens to the digital information they seek at the point of need.

Our data discovery service reveals the current citizen experience and journey from search to records when seeking particular health and well-being support.

‘Spend to Save’ is term oft used and is now an overriding priority for many front-line health and well-being organisations, with projects that can show a demonstrable saving being green lit.

Frog works with you to pilot the use of search marketing techniques to demonstrate the cost savings by that can be derived by effective citizen online signposting compared to other end user contact channels.


  • Focus on key service areas to reduce cost and improve productivity
  • Improved customer/citizen perception
  • Detailed analytics and performance
  • Campaigns managed by industry experts
  • Full account management