Data Collectors/Analysts

Unlocking the true potential of data by delivering valuable insights that go the extra mile

Data Collectors/Analysts

Frog offers a full data collection/analysis service.

Do you know how many youth organisations or addiction support services are available within your local area? Do you know if the results produced through organic search are accurate? Is the data reliable?

For a citizen or care practitioner seeking local health and wellbeing information that is neither current nor relevant is as frustrating as not finding it in the first instance. Without this data, the advancement of the self-directed support and social prescribing models is stunted.

Our team will acquire predetermined data sets from primary or secondary sources and maintain our databases/data via our proprietary Hyper Local CMS system. Once stored the data sets provide real time analytics to help shape health and wellbeing forecast demand/supply planning activities.

Processes are in place to ensure the integrity of the data.

We will work with you to map and prioritize your business and information needs.


  • Meets the needs of both the citizen and the care practitioner
  • Builds citizen confidence & aids better continuity of care
  • Cost effective
  • Tailored to suit individual client requirements
  • Agreed targets through SLA
  • Supports the social prescribing model
  • Aids future demand vs supply planning
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