Harnessing the Power of Peer Support...


Communities are people. And every member of a community is an asset. For a community to thrive they need their people to believe that they genuinely can make a difference.

Champions Cinema provides an online place where people can share their stories, experiences, skills and knowledge for the betterment of others in their physical community.

Telling Your Story..

When we see and hear people tell stories we become personally engaged in the content in a way that is just not possible with printed information. The impact is immediate, our attention is caught, our emotions are stirred, we recognise authenticity, credibility and the story becomes relatable. 

We are inviting people and organisations to upload short videos that have the power to make a real difference.

Wellbeing Champions

When life takes a wrong turn - whatever the problem you're facing - if you've no idea where to look for help, it can leave you feeling very lonely. Hearing from someone who has lived through similar challenges and has come out through the other side, tell their own story to camera in their own words, can help you realise that you are not alone.

Living With…. Champions

It is not just you that is affected by your situation. Family, friends and colleagues may also require guidance and assistance to ensure that they understand the challenges you are facing and are best prepared to support you on the journey ahead. Their experiences are shared here in the Living with.. Champions.

Knowledge Champions

It is often stated that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’. Our Knowledge Champions, by sharing their experiences and knowledge, can signpost the tips, support and advice needed to stop a negative situation arising before it has begun – from email scams to accident prevention.

Activity Champions

Support, Interest and Activity groups are the lifeblood of any community but the running of them can be daunting. Hear from our Activity Champions as they reveal how they have developed successful activities to meet the needs of their members, publicised their services, increased their membership, raised funds or simply found an online app that made all the difference to their organisation.

Become that Champion...

Making a video for the Champions Cinema is easy. Please don’t worry about the style – it’s what you say that matters. A couple of minutes of your time might change someone’s life for ever.

Think of it as a Video Selfie! You can make a video now if you have a mobile phone or tablet.

Need to find out more? Please contact us now.

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