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Inpatients in UK hospitals is alcohol dependent


Health cost per person suffering from loneliness


Children (one in seven) aged 11 to 16 bet regularly


Of 14-year-old girls self harm


People are affected by an eating disorder


Cost of emergency admission considered avoidable by NHS England


Working Days lost in 2018 due to stress, anxiety & depression


Of adults aged 16 to 59 have taken a Class A drug in the last year

It is estimated that by the early 2020’s there will be a £30 billion funding gap in UK public health care provision. The population is growing, people are living longer, care costs for older people are rising, A&E visits are increasing and staffing levels are falling.  A radical rethink of the way health services are currently delivered remains high on the policy agenda. Frog Systems health and wellbeing solutions are designed to assist with the move from a reactive care model to a preventative one.

Frog Systems

Hope through Experience

Frog Systems offers a unique Lived/Shared Experience solution for the discovery and delivery of health and well-being information.

Frog’s bespoke hyperlocal Content Management System – combines quality video content with signposting mental health and well being support information to improve pathways to care.

The platform already hosts professionally curated videos of real people telling real stories in no more than 60 seconds. Topics range from to addiction, cancer, HIV, bereavement, domestic abuse through to loss of sight. For those struggling with life it can be hard to find positive stories from people who have survived; YouTube for example is full of unstructured videos which focus on worst moments or offer unrelated or inappropriate additional content.

The platform offers a very different user experience to the more traditional ‘signposting’ type health directories – of which there are thousands – as the video’s subject matter is related to the display of relevant local support within the same frame.

The platform can be customised by businesses, local authorities, health and care providers, housing associations, sports and education bodies to deliver appropriate information through the display of relevant local support groups/organisations within ‘one click’.

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Strategic Insight

Providing critical health and wellbeing intelligence, customer experience research and marketing services.


Managed search optimisation services and data discovery can help reduce contact costs by signposting citizens to information at the point of need.

Frog HyperLocal

Frog Hyperlocal is a proprietary health and well-being Content Management System available for self or managed data population.

Video Content

License our ground-breaking Champions Cinema or have bespoke powerful visual content created to meet your exact needs.

Data Analysts

Access to a highly experienced team of data collectors and analysts offering a systematic approach to information gathering from a variety of sources to create accurate data sets.


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Data driven discovery

Providing the tools and support to enable individuals to take greater control of their own health, adopting social prescribing approaches and recognising the importance of the role played by the Third Sector in service delivery is being widely recognised as the path we must take.

With the NHS facing a number of critical challenges, from social to economic, multi stakeholder partnerships at community level will become vital if we are to support people to stay well for longer.

However, this journey will not be without its bumps and challenges. Most small third sector and community organisations operate on a hyper local basis and have limited visibility or knowledge of the ‘wider area’ leading to over or under supply of services and increased pressure on limited funding pots.

Frog offers third sector organisations a number of data driven digital solutions to assist in the planning and delivery of services on a local basis, primarily around the discovery of current community assets and the service supply and demand.

Video Production

Champions Cinema

The Champions Cinema® is key to our vision – a professionally curated and innovative video channel which captures the power of the lived experience to communicate messages of hope and encouragement through short impactful one-minute films.

Video makes up 80% of all consumer Internet traffic and yet it is a vital communications channel often overlooked by health and wellbeing service providers.

Frog offers a full turn-key production service for providers seeking to engage people through the power of the visual story. We can create bespoke and custom video content to engage your audience in a way that is just not possible with printed or written information.

The use of lived and shared experience will encourages people facing health challenges to believe that they are not alone and that support exists.

of internet users watch health related videos
of mobile video viewers share videos with others
of people will seek information about a service after seeing it in a video


Frog HyperLocal is our proprietary CMS mental health and well-being platform designed to signpost people to care, support and activities that are local to them.

It assists Local Authorities, Health Care providers, Housing Associations, Sports Bodies and Businesses in the adoption of self-directed support and social prescribing models by delivering rich, reliable content at the point of need.

The fully redundant, secure cloud based platform can be customised and licensed for use by any organisation that has a mandate to provide mental health and well being support information, but do not have a public facing platform or are seeking to replace a legacy system.

A version designed for Local Authorities can be viewed by clicking the button below.

The Champions Cinema.

that Champion...

If you are willing to share your story we’d love to hear from you. Our Champions share their experiences from three perspectives: Self (lived experience), Family/Friend/Carer(shared experience) and the  Practitioner(expert/authoritative experience). Our topics cover any aspect of staying safe, healthy and well within the community. Please contact us for further information.

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